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Neetha and Rana

Hi! We are Basheers

A journey of Life, Love and Learning

Life is full of surprises. Meeting your better half, having kids, jobs, friends are all random chances that all add up to something special for each of us. This Sisyphean journey of celestial objects may look meaningless, but we humans add meaning to every moment. The first time you met your spouse, the time you heard your child's first cries, the amazing friends we meet. We add meaning to every one of these moments. Meaning to this endless tick of time. This page is to log those moments we, Basheer's, are creating. Though it may sound like yet another family blog adding to the cacophony of endless drool of optimism, for us, it represents a way to look back and cherish the time we spent learning, loving, and living while being excited and thrilled about the next turn. 

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